Tried and tested for success.Turn your power into repeatable processes. Optimizo has a proven approach, the result of years of hands-on executive and field experience, training, certification, and expertise. We have implemented many North American best practices, which we have adapted to the specific B2B needs of the manufacturing, industrial and financial sectors, with a strong focus on private equity-owned companies.
Optimizo’s cross-functional solutions include proprietary implementation tools and templates, facilitated workshops, senior executive support, consulting, and executive coaching. These are carefully deployed according to our clients’ needs, appetite for change and the implementation of a roadmap we co-create together.


Starting with your strengths is something that quickly sets the Optimizo approach apart, and is the fastest way to create short-term wins. Our familiarity with B2B scenarios permeates our approach, our tools, our support, and follow-up. We not only understand that your operation is set up in silos, we know how they work and we incorporate this reality into our solutions, mining each function for unexpected areas of insight and potential.
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We are senior level executives ourselves but, like you, we believe in the power of hard work. We roll up our sleeves during and after the diagnostic, to create the solutions and pathways that will accelerate and sustain growth for your organization. We are passionate about what we do and strive to create an environment of collaboration, drive and productivity.


The following solutions can be offered individually “a la carte” but are typically hand picked based on which level of support is appropriate following our diagnostic phase.
  • arrowDevelopment of customized Stage Gated Sales Process
  • arrowOpportunity Funnel Optimization workshops
  • arrowMarketing Budget Audits and alignment support
  • arrowOverall Front-End Process Mapping and cross-functional team facilitation
  • arrowNew Product Development stage gating
  • arrowDecision-Making Filters Matrix templates (that support strategic decisions, customer ranking and prioritizing market segments)
  • arrowOrganization Structure and Compensation Plan Adjustments to align the Front-End
  • arrowExecutive Self-Assessment Surveys
  • arrowAccess to, and presentations of fact-based Optimizo Benchmarking Data to help you compare your results and set improvement goals
  • arrowCompetitive Branding DNA analysis
  • arrowExecutive Leadership Coaching (go to executing coaching page)

Testimonials for our implementation solutions:

“We are humming! Collaborating with Optimizo has put us on track. We’ve developed much more manufacturing muscle, and integrating sales and operations places us in an ideal position, both internally and for investors.”
Bryan Thursby – VP, Sales and Marketing, Dexter Axle
“Anne has the ability to synthesize and simplify complex B2B issues. She is an asset to any team that wants to increase its growth potential!”
Ally Motz – President and CEO of Sirius Decisions Canada (world’s leading source for business-to-business sales and marketing best-practices, research and data)
“Within the first 3 months, Optimizo was able to identify and deliver on a game changing solution which broke the silos between Sales, Engineering and Marketing.”
Jan Lembregts – Investor and former CEO, IPL Plastics


We believe that the best way to accelerate growth for leaders and their organizations is to focus on and leverage their unique strengths. We have implemented and adjusted Best-In-Class coaching processes to tailor them to the distinct needs of high achieving executives. Our clients are CEOs and Senior Executives who have each developed their own success formula but also embrace the philosophy of continuous improvement and learning as a part of their growth process.
According to Stanford University’s 2014 Executive Coaching Survey, coaching is proven to be an accelerator of results and more than 30% of CEOs now have a coach.
Executive coaching is a growth accelerator and often used to help leaders promote and implement collaboration and integration:
  • 57.1% of CEOs are receptive to leadership coaching and feedback. This is good news for leaders and shareholders because senior executives understand that the ability to embrace productive change that increases long term ROI could be the difference between a good organization and a visionary one.
  • According to a study in the Manchester Review, executive coaching’s ROI is estimated at 5.7 times the initial investment in coaching.

Coaching Testimonials

As my leadership coach and trusted advisor, my calls with Anne have become a priority: they allow me to continue to challenge myself to get better.”
Greg Elliott
Partner, The Sterling Group
“Working through Optimizo’s Executive Strength Discovery Questionnaire was instrumental in setting the stage for productive goal setting and leadership opportunities in my role as CEO.”
Ken Swanson
President and CEO, Liqui-Box, global leaders in flexible packaging and Vice-Chairman of the Flexible Packaging Association
“Coaching really works when well done! A structured approach combined with good coaching skills has quickly impacted my team and my leadership influence in the organization.”
Michel Bergeron
Senior Vice-President, Business Development Bank of Canada


Coaching goals are carefully crafted based on an in-depth Discovery Session that ensures that the Cadence coaching calls are anchored in concrete measurable objectives. Mandates typically begin with a 6-month minimum time frame. Here is a preview of some typical outcomes from coaching:
The support of a trained coach can help you to make the space in your mind and in your agenda to create new levels of impact. You discover where and when to say NO to the multiple demands on your time to ensure you deliver on your priority YES goals.
Our coaching process puts a lot of emphasis on discovering, carefully articulating, and writing very specific, measurable and thrilling goals for you and your organization. All our clients have achieved new levels of leadership that are conduits to consistently deliver on longer term strategic objectives without sacrificing short term goals.
Breaking silo habits comes from the top. Working with a coach helps the leader to see and seek new perspectives, which can foster the optimal levels of cooperation required to enable your different departments and divisions to align and engage around common goals.
As you reconnect with your own core values and begin to use them as your decision making G.P.S., you become completely aligned and exude a new level of contagious energy. This has a direct impact on the people you lead.


“My passion is to uncover
hidden areas of genius where
exceptional work is created.”

President, Optimizo Solutions,
Certified Executive Coach, ACC, CPCC
Anne Douville is an experienced well seasoned Senior Executive with over 30 years in numerous executive positions where she was responsible for corporate strategy, sales effectiveness and continuous improvement processes.
This hands-on expertise combined with consulting for world-class companies and her coaching certification from CTI (Coach Training Institute) have provided her with the holistic view necessary to serve as a sought after growth catalyst for high achieving executives.
Anne graduated from McGill University in 1986 with a Bachelor of Commerce and obtained her executive coaching certification from the International Coach Training Institute. She is also a respected speaker who gives conferences to MBA students at HEC (Hautes Études Commerciales, the business school associated with Université de Montréal) and McGill University on the topic of “Identifying and monetizing their personal value”. She is a board member of DuSablon Foundation, participates in the McGill MBA mentor program, and takes on one pro bono coaching mandate per year for leaders of NFP organizations.


Truly leverage your Front-End Go-To-Market departments’ strengths by rediscovering historic, intuitive and even isolated successes across all silos that can then be cloned and transformed into systemic growth processes.
Our integrated assessment is based on the typical challenges faced in the B2B context where silos between the Front-End functions are inevitable: Sales, Marketing, CSR and Engineering are all part of building and delivering the value chain: this is why our diagnostic assesses each of these functions.


We investigate all levels of effectiveness and detect gaps in structure, knowledge, decision-making, stage gating, and more. We know what to look for and what questions to ask your field people to make the necessary links between your strategic plans and marketing to selling processes. We assess your funnel opportunity management, right through to how you mobilize your field people to execute your plans.


  1. Benchmarking. The first outcome from the Diagnostic phase is a benchmark score that incorporates learnings from all Front-End functions. This identifies current and projected alignment levels and creates the desire within the organization to move up the scale. Your Executive team is then armed with one good  “Why & How” to optimize their effectiveness and results.
  2. Recommendations. All Optimizo Diagnostics Services include customized Front-End recommendations that include short term quick wins and quick fixes as well as longer term optimization recommendations that create sustainable change and results.
  3. Roadmap. Another benefit of our approach is the high level of customization we use in developing growth execution roadmaps. We compress or extend the implementation recommendations based on your specific needs and capacity to manage change.



Diagnostic Testimonials

Optimizo’s 360 degree Diagnostic revealed some unexpected insights, and with their best practice support and facilitation, our Front-End executives were able to implement new processes that will help us integrate future acquisitions into the “Dexter Way”, while also increasing the resale value of our company.”

Adam Dexter – CEO, Dexter Axle

“Optimizo’s unique benchmarking scoring process is a great tool to initiate continuous improvement discussions around accelerating organic growth”.

Luc Desjardins – CEO, Superior Plus (a $6 billion leader in gas & industrials)

Within the first 3 months, Optimizo was able to identify and deliver on a game changing solution which broke the silos between Sales, Engineering and Marketing.”

Jan Lembregts – Investor and former CEO, IPL Plastics